Saturday, 16 October 2010

Seething Observatory evening

What a great evening, went to the Seething Observatory in Norfolk to hear a talk on the winters sky and was also able to view Jupiter in one of the main observatory's outside. The Seething Observatory has a great bunch of friendly people and there site is a great place to view the night sky with a warm club house to get out of the cold and warm up again. When we got back I got my telescope out again to take advantage of the clear sky and managed to get my first sighting of the crab nebula or M1. In my Sky Watcher 200P telescope with a 25mm wide angle lens it appeared as a reasonably bright wispy patch as most galaxy's seem to with my 8inch primary mirror on this telescope. I was pleased to find that the view of Jupiter through the large telescope at seething observatory was the same as my telescope all be it a bit sharper and crisper but that is more down to a good quality lens. As i get more and more into this fascinating hobby the pleasure derived from simply gazing into the night sky is wonderful. This image of the crab nebula is of course from the Hubble space telescope and you will never see it like this in a telescope like mine but its still cool to find it and see what you can.