Thursday, 21 October 2010

Moon in colour

The moon was really beautiful this evening and I managed to take these shots with my little mobile phone camera. I then put them in photo shop and simply increased the contrast and brightness added some colour for fun and inverse a couple of shots. The phone camera was simply held against the eye piece with the flash off for the shots. While observing the moon I noticed what appeared to be a groove or canal in the lower right side. I later found out that what I was looking at is called the Vallis Schroter or the lunar grand canyon. This grand canyon of the moon is 160km long and 11km wide and about half a km deep! Also on show this evening was the ring nebula in Lyra and the wonderful star cluster M13 in the constellation of Hercules. Such a great thing to be doing in the evening observing these natural wonders of the universe!
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