Sunday, 15 November 2020

Another attempt at the Milky Way running through Cygnus

Capturing the Milky Way as it runs through Cygnus is hard to do but its also worth it. I hope to get much better at this but for now, its a reasonable start and learning how to do things is the fun part this was shot right at the back of my kitchen door through the trees at the bottom of the garden a total of 65 shots at 20 seconds each ISO 1600 need a sharper lens than the old standard one but who cares its a lot of fun. You're looking at one of the spiral arms of our own galaxy searing through the midnight sky. No tracking here just the Canon 350d and the bog-standard 18-35 lens on a tripod with a timer to take 65 shots then stacked in deep sky stacker with 30 darks flats and bias frames.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Ducks and the Milky way

 An interesting night, went out to my local meadow to get another shot of the milky way and it was a bit creepy sitting there with the camera clicking away for half an hour in the pitch-black dark. I noticed something coming towards me and back off to the field just in case I needed to do a runner. It moved again then it went.. QUACK lol stupid duck scared the life out of me I really must take my dog with me next time. Anyway, it was worth it got this nice shot from my little adventure. 38 shots at an iso of 800 20seconds long with my F3.5 lens.

Friday, 6 November 2020

Blue Milkyway

Enjoying using my 350d and its cheap lens to get some shots of the Milkyway and trying out some colour blends in Photoshop. 5 shots 800 ISO 30 seconds long. Must get myself a nifty fifty and give that a try soon.


Thursday, 5 November 2020

Three quick shots tonight the milky way over my tree in the garden the moon and the meadow.

One two three and were done for the night before the clouds rolled in. The first shot is a single shot of the milky way above my garden tree ISO of 800 25 seconds The moon through my skywatcher 200p 125 seconds ISO 200 and the woodland meadow 10 seconds ISO 200. Not a bad for only an hour just love imaging the night sky.


Milky way over my garden shed

Out again last night enjoying these clear skies to photograph the milky way passing over my shed. This is one of the arms of our galaxy passing through Cygnus.
This is 50 shots taken at an ISO of 800 and each shot is 30 seconds long. Stacked in deep sky stacker with 30 darks and flats and bias shots and then processed in photoshop. No tracking just camera on a tripod.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Thought I would try something new last night and try to do an image with star trails. Pointing my camera at Polaris the north star and doing 30second exposures. The result is the stars trailing in a circle around the celestial pole. This was 50 images trying for more tonight as the weather is clear so I can get a full circle. The image was processed in Star Stax awesome bit of software and its free Star Stax your images must be jpegs though not raw format.

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Mare Crisium

Moon shots taken last night: the stunning Mare Crisium or Sea of Crises is almost the size of England so one of those little craters in it is about the size of East Anglia. This was taken with a Canon DSLR through a skywatcher 200p and a 10ml eyepiece so we could zoom in closer. Its is about 3.9 Billion years old WOW!