Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sky Watcher Coma corrector review

If you own a 200P telescope like me and are fed up with getting egg shaped stars in the corners of your images then this will be of interest to you.

The sky watcher coma corrector is the answer.

I got mine a few days ago and was able to give a good testing out on a nice clear night.

Typically without this fitted my images have always had some star distortion in the corners of the frame and although this can be corrected during the processing stage fairly easily it does become a problem when your target objects need to fit right up to the edge of your frames.

Bottom line is it any good?

The short answer to that question is yes, very good indeed. I compared the shots I got with the coma corrector fitted to the images taken with out it and was impressed by the final results.
Star fields where sharp all the way to the edges of the frame and the egg shaped stars caused by coma from the primary mirror was cleared right up.

Here you can see a close up of the corner of my images from the other night. Notice how the distortion of the stars has been removed with the coma corrector fitted. The stars on the right image are typical of what happened in the corners of my images with out the coma corrector fitted and you can imagine what that does to a nebula or star cluster that is taking up the corners of your frame. The stars on the left image with the coma corrector fitted were like this all the way around the outer frame much much better.

Another added benefit is that when it is fitted to my Canon 350D it protects the sensor at the back from any dust or damp while it sits in the telescope here it is fitted to my camera.

 Final Conclusions..

If you own a sky watcher 200P and would like to cure the dreaded comet shaped stars in the corner of your frames then the sky watcher coma corrector is the answer, praise where praise is due a great product that works very well.

The same can not be said of there awful circuit boards in there handsets and telescope mounts but we live in hope..