Thursday, 27 March 2014

A revisit to the Galaxy M101

I can recall trying to find M101 when I first got started back in 2010, it was very hard to find. I had no "go to" system so was using my finder scope and a pair of binoculars with my eyepiece. It was not until I put my camera on the telescope and took a 30 second shot of the area that I managed to actually see it for the first time.

Some galaxy's are very very faint and trying to see them just with an eye piece and a finder scope is nearly impossible. So if you really want to find them my advice is put a DSLR camera on your telescope instead and simply take a 30 second shot at an ISO of about 1600. Doing this you will see them show up much better and then you can be sure your looking in the right place.

This is one reason that I became really interested in observing with just a camera as you can not see as much detail as you can with an eye piece in your telescope. I regard my camera as a second pair of eyes with which to see far deeper into the night sky.

I have been trying to keep the back ground clean on the posted images blogger and face book compress your images and you lose some data so have been trying out a new method that is on this first image the second one below was not changed. I think the first one with the changes is a little bit better now.
This calls for another photo shop tutorial on cleaning up the background of your astrophotos me thinks..

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