Thursday, 20 February 2014

Stupid mistakes to avoid...

I cant remember how many times I have told myself to prepare a check list before I start my imaging run but tonight was a good example of why you should. It was a lovely clear night and my target was M82 again to see how the super nova was coming along. Having got everything ready focused set up my first shot produced wonky stars. What is going on I asked myself my be my balance is wrong maybe my polar alignment was out. After 2 hours of checking everything I could think of with no success it then dawned me that I had loosened the bolts that lock my gears in place earlier and not tightened them up again. DUH!
So after kicking myself for being so daft I started imaging M82 again and managed to get enough data for an image but I wont be making that mistake again check list is now in place.
M82 supernova is still very bright and looking good just need some more clear nights and its galaxy season underway.