Saturday, 14 September 2013

Rain is a pain..

Having now moved the shed into its final position I was hoping for some dry weather so I could get the roof sorted out but British weather does not want to play ball it seem. Lots of rain forecast so I have patched it up as best I can and have to wait for a dry spell to get the roof fixed up. However the main job of laying down the base and putting the shed/observatory into is position is now complete.

The shed moved and ready to have the roof put on when the rain stops..

In this picture you can see where it was moved from way back past the chicken house in the far right corner of the garden. Its now in the clear area away from the pesky trees giving me a nice view of the east south and western sky.

In this picture you can get a better idea of what I will be able to see at night the far right corner of the back garden point to the south.

Temporary roof on until the rain eases up.

Inside looking up where the telescope will be.

New boards will have to go in at the bottom section and a few more replaced but it should provide a cosy place to sit in the winter time once its all done up.