Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sculptor galaxy

You have to be a bit mad to be an astrophotographer and prepared to sit outside in the dark till gone 3am in the morning but it is very rewarding if your keen to learn more about the night sky.

Last night and the night before I went outside with my trusty EQ5 mount and Skywatcher 200p telescope and captured these two images of the Seven sisters and the Sculptor Galaxy.

Is it hard to take pictures of the wonders in the night sky? I don't think it is though others might say it is. I have been taking astrophotos for about 2 years now and have reached a level that I am pretty happy with so let me devulge a few secrets to encourage you.

First off yes it can be expensive but it doesn't have to cost the earth, my gear is fairly cheap compared to others. I use an Heq5 mount and a skywatcher 200p with a canon 350d second hand body only camera. For processing the images I use photoshop which most people can get there hands on these days for a reasonable price.

The hardest part is not taking the photos the hardest part is with out a doubt the processing of your data. Focusing on an object and taking pictures is pretty easy but knowing how to draw out the data and turn it into a good image takes time and practice.

To help you out with this I have done a series of video tutorials on my utube channel covering pretty much all you need to know for processing your images in PS once you learn how to do those then you can transform your shoddy images into something you can really be proud of. So give it a go and as usual if you need any help drop me a line, but most of all enjoy the night sky and have fun that is what its all about.

Here is the link to my utube channel