Wednesday, 10 August 2011

First attempts at M13 Globular Cluster

M13 is an easy target to find in the constellation of Hercules a rich dense Globular Star cluster best viewed in a dark sky. However this picture was taken when the moon was out so could be better but I was pleased with my first attempt. Using my Sky watcher 200p telescope on the EQ5 mount with a single axis motor drive, carefully do a polar alignment is the first step. Then I carefully focus on a bright star and make sure my finder scope is spot on this really helps later when the camera is attached. Next using a Bhatinov Mask focus the star carefully with your camera on live view and 4x digital zoom my camera is a Lumix G1. Then find M13 with the finder scope and take a quick 10 second shot with an iso setting of 800 and see what you have if all is well I then take about 15 shots and then slap on my telescope cover and take 10 more which will be my dark shots for processing in deep sky stacker later on. After its stacked and put through Photoshop with a bit of tweaking on levels and curves the jobs done. You can do more but I'm a happy star gazer for now.