Sunday, 28 August 2011

Final Image of Andromeda Galaxy

After much effort and determination I think this is image is about the best I can muster from my equipment. It took about 80 shots on a clear dark night after heavy rain followed by taking about 4o dark's but no lights. Then it was onto Photoshop CS4 and with a lot of help from the Stargazers forum and endless tutorials on using levels curves High pass filters and colour adjustments we finally got to this. I'm going to attempt a rough guide to the way I do all this in a few days hopefully it will be helpful to someone out there whose just starting off. Good news is its is very do able with this set up. Basically a sky watcher 200p telescope with a single motor drive for tracking, a Lumix G1 camera and adapter for the telescope and Photoshop cs4 with deep sky stacker for the processing. It really helps to pick a good clear dark sky as well!.

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